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Contributing to V2 Documentation

New contributors

Welcome to the Bitquery documentation community! We are excited to have you contribute to our documentation and help us make it the best it can be.

Currently, we have opened V2 APIs to contributions and will soon set up V1 for open-source contributions as well.

How to contribute

Here are the steps on how to contribute to the Bitquery documentation:

  1. Find a topic to contribute to. You can browse the existing documentation to see if there are any areas that you are interested in improving, or you can check the open issues on GitHub to see if there are any specific documentation tasks that need to be done.

  2. Fork the repository. Once you have found a topic to contribute to, fork the Bitquery documentation repository: to your own GitHub account. This will create a copy of the repository that you can work on locally.

  3. Clone the forked repository to your local machine using Git.

  4. Create a new branch. Create a new branch for your changes. This will allow you to isolate your changes from the main codebase and make it easier to review and merge your changes later.

  5. Make your changes. Make the necessary changes to the documentation.Be sure to follow the query explanation guidelines mentioned below.

  6. Commit your changes. Once you are finished making your changes, commit your changes to your local branch. Be sure to include a descriptive commit message.

  7. Push your changes to your GitHub branch.

  8. Create a pull request. Create a pull request to the main Bitquery documentation repository. Be sure to include a descriptive title and description for your pull request.

pull request

  1. Respond to feedback. Once your pull request has been submitted, the maintainers of the Bitquery documentation repository will review your changes and provide feedback. Be sure to respond to any feedback that you receive.

  2. Merge your pull request. Once your pull request has been approved, the maintainers of the Bitquery documentation repository will merge it into the main codebase.

Query format and description

To write a query for the Bitquery documentation, please follow the following format:

  • Heading in H3
  • Explanation with link to saved query on IDE
  • Query

The heading should be a concise description of the query. The explanation should provide more context about the query and why it is useful. The query should be the actual GraphQL query that you used to generate the results.

Where can I go for help?

If you need help contributing to the Bitquery documentation, please feel free to reach out to us on the telegram

Additional tips

• Be sure to test your changes before submitting a pull request. Please use the Bitquery GraphQL IDE to test your queries.

• Be sure to write descriptive commit messages.

• Be responsive to feedback from the maintainers of the Bitquery documentation repository.