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Date and Time


We use the UTC timezone for both date and time. In Graphql, time is represented as a DateTime scalar type in the RFC 3339 quoted string format.


When aggregating data over time, use the interval argument for Date and Time fields. For example, in an OHLC query for DEX trade:

Time(interval: {in: minutes, count: 10})

You can apply the same interval to Date:

Date(interval: {in: months, count: 12})

Maintain consistency by using order or orderBy when filtering data with Time or Date. If you create intervals using Time, use Block_Time, and for Date, use Block_Date.


To shift the starting point of an interval, use the offset parameter:

Time(interval: {in: minutes count: 10 offset: 1})

This configuration will count intervals starting at 1, 11, 21, and so on in minutes.