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Upgrade to Bitquery Paid Plan

You can upgrade the your plan in IDE, under account -> billing.


Additional Points

If you are on any paid plan, and your points are finished, then you either buy additional plans or upgrade your current plan.

As shown in the image above, you can buy or upgrade the plan under account -> billing.

How to change the plan?

If you want to upgrade the plan at the end of the month, you can simply cancel the current plan and buy again.

What will happen if i upgrade the plan in the middle of the month?

You can upgrade the plan in the middle of the month. And your points will carrry over to new plan.

However, if you over-consumed on existing plan, then those points will be deducted from the upgraded plan points.

For example, If you are on the team plan, which allows 3 million points, however, you consumed 3.5 Million points. In this case, if you upgrade to a start-up plan, which has 10 million points when you upgrade, 500k points that were overconsumed will be deducted from your upgraded started-up. Therefore, you will get only 9.5 million points.

Recurring Payment

You can buy our plans using your credit card under billing using this link.


One time Payment

In case, you want to pay with cryptocurrency, use one time payment using this link.