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Blockchain Reorg Tree

Blocks in the blockchain form a tree (or directed acyclic graph DAG in general):

Blockchain graph

Blocks that linked together from the highest tip we call the trunk :

Blockchain trunk

Blocks that not having the highest tip linked to are called branches :

Blockchain branches

Archive database contains only trunk blocks, branches (forked Block 101 and Block 102) are not included in archive database.


Branched block 102 however is included in real time database.

Select Blocks

Select blocks attribute controls real time and combined database queries in terms of which block data to include in the result set.

It has the following options:

  • trunk (default) will include only blocks that are on the main current trunk (having the maximum height on tip)
  • tree all tree, combining trunk and branches
  • branches for only branched blocks (not on trunk)

You need tree and branches only in a very special case, when you need to analyze the reorganization tree of the blockchain.


tree option may be faster to query in some cases