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Early Access Program

Early Access Program (EAP)

The Early Access Program (EAP) is a feature designed to provide users with access to streaming data across various blockchain networks, including Solana, Matic, and more, primarily for evaluation purposes. This initiative allows developers and researchers to explore and test real-time data from chains other than what we provide via V2 endpoint.

EAP is currently limited to real-time information and does not include historical data. We will update it for specific chains. Please keep an eye out on the telegram channel and newsletter.

How to Access EAP

Accessing the EAP is straightforward and involves a simple selection process within the Bitquery IDE interface. Navigate to Bitquery IDE to get started.

You can find examples on Solana DEX Trades and Matic in our examples section.

Video Tutorial on How to Get EAP Data in Your Application